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Middle School Guidance/Counseling

Cumberland’s Middle School Counseling Program consists of working with and supporting students in the areas of:

  • Academic development

  • Personal and social functioning

  • Career development​


Areas of Support

By partnering with parents and working alongside teachers, our school counselor works to support 6th-8th grade student success in all areas. School counseling support is provided through:

  • Individual student meetings

  • In-class guidance sessions geared towards appropriate grade level topics

  • Emails distributed through Renweb system regarding topics pertaining to middle school students and their parents

  • Parent academies: (geared towards relevant support topics to help parents in their role as parents and partners with Cumberland)

    • The Middle School Landscape–How to Flourish and Thrive in Middle School

    • Transitioning to Upper School


Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP)

Our professional school counselor identifies qualified 4th, 5th, and 7th grade students based on their outstanding performance on standardized achievement tests. These students may join the Duke TIP program and have the opportunity to take the EXPLORE, SAT, or ACT early as well as participate in other advanced academic opportunities throughout the year. For more information see

These assessments are geared toward helping adolescent students answer the developmental stage questions of “Who am I? and Where do I fit?” Our school counselor will meet individually with each student and their parents to review their testing results, as well as, facilitate in-class guidance sessions focused on students learning how to make educated decisions about their future based on their God-given gifts and abilities.

This testing information follows students as they transition to high school and is utilized in student’s individual academic and college and career planning curriculum.

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