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Fine Arts

Acknowledging God as the ultimate creative One and that all things were made through Jesus Christ, we seek to glorify Him through the development of God-given creativity and the pursuit of skillful artistry in the areas of visual arts, music, and media arts.


Our goals are to encourage students to express praise to God and communicate His love through visual art and to prepare them to be anointed members of worship teams and agents of cultural change in their generation through Christian media.

Fine Arts Options (Included in Tuition)​

  • Preschool: Art (incorporated into curriculum); Music

  • Elementary: Music

  • Middle School: Art, Drama, Photography

  • High School: Advanced Art; Art 3-D; Art Appreciation; Christian Worship-blended ensemble/any instrument; Visual Arts; Yearbook

Extended Day School (EDS) Fine Arts Options (Not Included in Tuition)​

See a list of our Extended Day School Lessons

Fine Arts Team

Valacier Broadway

Extended Day School Voice Instructor. Elementary Praise and Worship Leader

Kimberly Henderson

Yearbook Instructor, Drama Instructor


Kathi McGee

Art Instructor, Graphic Design Instructor, Photography Instructor

Gabriel Neal

High School Worship Ensemble Assistant

Brenda Pettitt

Elementary Drama Instructor

Angela Smith

High School Worship Ensemble, Elementary Band Teacher

Melody Spencer

Interim Fine Arts Director

Pam Warren

Preschool Music Instructor, Extended Day School PIano Instructor

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