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Financial Overview

Cumberland has an approximate annual budget of about $2,900,000 based on a student population of approximately 470-490. Cumberland has a practical capacity of 510 students and a theoretical capacity of 550 students.


Cumberland Helps Others

  • Approximate annual aid to needy families (fee reductions based on demonstrated need) $650,000

  • Donations to other ministries average over $10,000 per year

Cumberland Limits and Manages Debt (Ministry Indebtedness)

  • TCS West - approximately $270,000

  • Clay Road property - approximately $250,000

  • Total debt as a percentage of estimated equity 24%

  • Debt service as a percentage of annual revenue 2.5%

Cumberland Cares for Staff

  • With educational incentives Cumberland has raised average teacher pay by $2,600 since 2002

  • Cumberland makes health care for full time employees practical with low fixed monthly co-pays

  • A disabled teacher can receive 60% pay to age 65 (with Cumberland contributions and provided insurance)

  • Cumberland spends over $15,000 annually on staff development and teacher education

Further Financial Accountability

  • Reviewed annual financial statements are available on request for donors

  • Annual IRS 990's are public record

  • Contributions to Cumberland are tax deductible

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