Why Give to the Annual Fund?

This year, annual fund participation is critical as we continue targeting increased stakeholder involvement and meeting a sizeable budget deficit. We have done so much in the last 15 months, but it has had a hefty price tag. I have had parents and friends say to me over the years, “If we had known there was a need, we would have been glad to help!” Well, there is a need, an immediate need, believe me!

Here are some real examples of why, together, we should EXPLORE 100% for $100k:​


  • For future grants and gift requests from foundations, corporations and individuals, we need a much-improved track record of our families supporting our own annual fund. Before large donors contribute or grants can be secured, our own families must have a solid record of giving. Therefore, we are targeting 100% participation in our fund this year.

  • For our budget this year we need to raise $100,000. We have almost 310 families, so that is approximately $323 per family—$36 per month and $1.20 per day from now through June 2019! Very reasonable, don’t you agree?

  • Many of us have friends and relatives who would help with a tax-deductible gift if we would just ask! We need YOU to ask. That is doable. 

  • We transitioned to a new upper school facility in August. We are reinventing how we do school (K-12) with instructional strategy, curriculum, technology and several other initiatives. This takes focused human resource training, time, talent and financial resources.

  • Our TCS administration, faculty and staff team need funding for competitive salaries, benefits and professional development. This is part of our continuous school improvement plan and is critical to improvement and positive movement toward 21st century learning strategies.

So, there we have it—five reasons to reach out, lean in and Dare to Explore for our school.

Cumberland Christian Academy, dba The Cumberland School, is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization, qualifying to receive charitable contributions which are tax deductible at fair market value.

Four Ways You Can Help:

  1. Give with check, FACTS debit, on online.

  2. Share our story with family and friends and ask them to partner with us.

  3. Give a shout out by using our Facebook and Instagram social connections.

  4. Finally, PRAY that we can reach our goal together!

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