Cumberland Christian Academy's Goals


Upcoming Events

  • June 2–August 1: 1st–5th Camp Broadway Day Camp
  • July 21–25: 7th–10th JV Prep Boys Basketball Camp 1
  • July 21–25: 7th–12th Girls Volleyball Camp
  • July 29: HS Admissions Open House 7pm
  • July 31: How to Thrive in 6th Grade 7pm
  • August 4: 6th-8th Family Orientation 7pm
  • August 4–8: 3rd–12th Grade Cross Country Camp
  • August 7: K3-2nd Orientation
  • August 8: 3rd-5th Orientation
  • August 11: 1st Day of School
  • August 18: HS Orientation 7pm
  • August 27-29: 8th-12th Grade Retreat
  • September 5: 25th Anniversary Celebration

Severe Weather Closings

CCA follows the Cobb County School system in weather related closings.

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One Lord...One School...One Campus

Re-enroll Now!

Re-enroll as soon as possible to secure your child's placement for 2014-2015. Log into Renweb, click the Family Information tab, select enrollment, fill in and print.


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Summer Office Hours

Monday–Thursday 9:00–2:00

Unified Campus Workdays

CCA's first workday on the site of our future unified campus was held on July 12, 2014. We had a great team which included parents, students, faculty, leadership, and board members.

Please join us for our next work day on August 2 from 9 am to 1 pm.

Contact Woody Holyfield for more information:

Read more about our future plans and how you can be a member of our support team.